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George Newyear Construction's RT block provides the best value in Composite Retaining wall solutions for intricate landscape projects. Be it domestic gravity walls or commercial walls of height ranging from 2m and above. Our retaining wall blocks come in different design options while delivering the most cost-effective and stable solution to aesthetics and longevity. We have been specified on many commercial and domestic jobs across the country. 

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A product full of possibilities

Segmental retaining wall products can be applied in different ways, from domestic patio works to gardens, driveways, urban landscaping, grade reclamation, and many more. There are many design options when it comes to segmental retaining walls. We have selected different retaining wall designs across the world for your inspirational construction ideas. Most of these project ideas were done by retaining wall expert companies like Agape Retaining walls, Rockwood retaining walls, Versa-lok, etc. See the design possibilities for yourself. 

Aesthetic Options

Our retaining wall block units come in different heights and widths depending on the type and height of the wall to be constructed. We also provide different setback options from 8,12 and 14 degrees setback. Depending on the requirement, we can also create a stone-faced look wall or a smooth-faced unit. The block units are versatile enough to easily accomodate all your design details.  

Colour and cost efficiency

Our units are simple and fast to install, and not labour intensive. Installation can be done without requiring difficult construction methods. No formwork, no delays, no need for curing. We usually recommend rocks for footing but resort to Concrete when specified by the design engineer. We provide different colour options, from solid to blended mixes. The colours are integral throughout the units, so modified faces will not display colour inconsistency with the rest of the units. For large projects, custom colours can be produced

Design flexibility

We have design our block units to be open to design possibilities. they can also be modified easily on-site and conform to any layout, including all kinds of curves, corners, and steps. We provide other features like free-standing walls, parapets, columns, planters and many more. Whatever the design, we can build it. 

Check out some of our incredible installations on a wide range of projects using our durable and reliable products. 

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