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Stone Pitching 


We provide from 150-300mm stones for the construction of slope protection, bridge abutment, gabion baskets and embankment terracing. We also provide stones in large boulders for sea defence construction, riverbank landscaping works alongside any Civil engineering project to help create aesthetically pleasing landscaping for domestic and commercial areas. For further information, kindly contact us to discuss your requirements. 



Advantages of our Stone Pitching system:


  1. Resists impact damage

  2. Construction is not complicated and does not require speciality equipment

  3. Design is adaptable

  4. The product is always available. George Newyear Construction can source over 100m2/day from our partner quarries.

  5. Failures are easily identified and can be fixed. 

  6. Can be used in a wide variety of conditions

  7. Effective in preventing erosion/scour.

  8. Inbuilt drainage system with our revetment drain block unit. 



George Newyear stone pitching system can be laid quickly and easily without the need for skilled labour. The versatility of Newyear revetment system makes it ideal for:

  1. Paving and landscaping

  2. Bridge slope paving 

  3. Slipways

  4. Drainage channels

  5. Culvert structure aprons

  6. Environmental stabilization                                                          

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