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Slope Protection Systems- EnviroPave DVS


Project Location 

Ashiaman, Accra


Erosion Control

Product Type

Enviro DVS

About EnviroPave DVS

EnviroPave is a complete interlocking erosion control system engineered to provide excellent protection against embankment erosion over and under water level while ensuring the flexibility necessary to manage changes in embankment profile. The "full depth void structure" ensures system stability enhanced by filling and seeding of voids preferably over water levels. Void filling can be achieved by the use of graded chippings where product is required for protection below water level. To harmonise perfectly with the environment, we at George Newyear Construction recommend the use of EnviroPave and seeding with natural vegetation for above water slope protection. For a more harsh/abrasive environments, we provide a solid structure system for all your slope protection needs. 

































EnviroPave has been designed to be laid quickly and easily without the need for skilled labour. The product can be used in the following situations: 


  1. Riverbank protection

  2. Stream and watercourse lining

  3. Paving and landscaping

  4. Bridge slope pavement

  5. Slipways

  6. Harbours

  7. Flood defence 

  8. Reservoir channels 

  9. Outfalls

  10. Environmental stabilization


During construction process, the product can be laid to follow the existing natural slope elevation without the need for further cutting. Where correct line and level are required, the area shall be graded and free from obstructions. Provision of toe support is require. Advice on toe support shall be sought for suitable design detail before construction commences. Geotextile filter membrane shall be required during construction


Product Quality:

The EnviroPave block is manufactured from concrete with mix design that conforms with Grade 30+, BS8500. 


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EnviroPave DVS
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