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Commercial Applications

Segmental retaining wall products can be applied in different ways, from domestic patio works to gardens, driveways, urban landscaping, grade reclamation, and many more. There are many design options when it comes to segmental retaining walls. We have selected different retaining wall designs across the world for your inspirational construction ideas. Most of these project ideas were done by retaining wall expert companies like Agape Retaining walls, Rockwood retaining walls, Versa-lok, etc. See the design possibilities for yourself. 


Our retaining wall block units are among some of the heaviest and most stable units in the world and the first in Ghana. With a face area of 0.1m2 and twice as deep as they are high, the blocks provide a low stable centre of gravity for each unit during construction and finished wall. the stability of our block units combined with industry grade geogrid reinforcement, our walls can achieve a height of over 10m. The blocks have an inbuilt level course system to accommodate any kind of geogrid. The engineered setback between each unit ensures that the overturning moment is significantly reduced again resisting moments. All our walls have a higher resisting moment against overturning moments. This helps to improve the stability of the retaining wall. 

Unit Durability

Our block units have been designed to achieve high concrete strength ranging from C20 and above. This offers superior resistance to damage during transportation and installation. The block unit has a calculated unit weight of 2061/m3. Please see our product specification sheet for details. We do have the capacity to produce solid or hollow blocks to suite design and ground conditions. 


  • Water Applications

  • Safety and Noise Barriers

  • Erosion Control

  • River and floodwalls

  • Rail Transport

  • Headwalls and Wingwalls

  • Bridge Abutment

Cost-Effective Structural Solution

The cost of segmental retaining walls is significantly less than that of reinforced concrete cast in place walls. It also takes less time to construct a segmental retaining wall than a traditional concrete reinforced wall. With segmental retaining walls reinforced with geogrids, one can construct taller walls withing a very short period of time of over 6m and above as compared to reinforced concrete walls. In-fill situations are done in real-time as the installation of the wall is ongoing.  This is hardly achieved with reinforced concrete walls. There is no need for formwork thus reducing installation cost as compared to traditional retaining walls. 

The number 1 cause of retaining wall failure is drainage. We have learned through practice that conventional reinforced concrete walls do struggle to control groundwater and hydrostatic pressure. In view of this, our blocks have been designed by drainage and structural engineers. The units work together to control hydrostatic pressure built up at the back of the retaining wall. In addition, the walls are built to accommodate other drainage systems behind so that saturated filling materials and groundwater conditions can be effectively controlled without causing any harm to the retaining wall. Please see our tech sheet or send us an inquiry at our contacts page and an engineer will attend to you. 

Design Possibilities

Complete Drainage system

Design Possibilities

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