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Commercial Retaining

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Asese block

Stability, speed, economical

The Registrar General's Department one or our early clients that opted for Segmental Retaining wall instead of the conventional reinforced concrete wall. The project was about 150m long and an average height of 5.4m. The construction of the wall required a 3 tier wall with a concrete block fence wall installed on top of the last tier 1.2m high. The project was completed within 2 months and the client recommended staining of the wall, which was carried out soon after completion of the wall. Since its completion almost 10years ago, the wall has been properly maintained till date. See images below on this amazing project by George Newyear Construction Limited. After this project, George Newyear Construction has tackled some of the challenging retaining wall projects in Ghana. We continue to push the boundaries as we develop quality precast concrete products to help solve problems for demanding Architects, Engineers, and domestic clients. Our retaining wall block units are among some of the heaviest and most stable units in the world and the first in Ghana. With a face area of 0.11m2, the blocks provide a low stable centre of gravity for each unit during construction and finished wall. The stability of our block units combined with industry grade geogrid reinforcement, our walls can achieve a height of over 7m for Geogrid reinforced walls.
Our blocks have an inbuilt level course system to accommodate any kind of geogrid. The engineered setback between each unit ensures that the overturning moment is significantly reduced again resisting moments. All our walls have a higher resisting moment against overturning moments. This helps to improve the stability of the retaining wall. 


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