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Slope Protection
Systems - GN type B

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George Newyear ‘type B revetment system’ is a machine compressed cellular concrete block unit with a uniform size of (254x254x102)mm. The blocks can be produced to achieve any compressive strength required for the job. The block system has been engineered to withstand the ravages of time and weather. The products are readily available and can be laid at an average rate of 8-12m2/man-hour. The blocks have been engineered to conceal the bonding material(mortar), thus preventing mould growth that occurs typically on natural stone pitching works. The blocks are mass-produced in 2 of our manufacturing sites in Accra and one in Kumasi depending on the location of the project, and we can produce a minimum of 100m2 in a day. We can supply these products to anywhere in Ghana.  

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The fully interlocking precast concrete system is designed to provide exceptional protection against embankment erosion. Each block unit comes with a fully profiled engineered notch-lock system that enables enhanced stability when installed. This provides a block-mortar gridlock that cannot be found in any stone pitching work. Over the past 10 years, we have not observed any block pullout in any of our protected slopes. This is not the same for the natural stone pitching system. Due to the uniform size of the block units, the Centre of gravity is well accommodated and not overbearing as compared to the non-uniform shapes and sizes found in stone pitching units. 

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Product Description: 


George Newyear revetment block is a flexible machine compressed cellular concrete block unit with a uniform size of (254x254x102) mm. The blocks can be produced to achieve a compressive strength from 15 to 20MPa.The fully interlocking precast concrete system is designed to provide exceptional protection against embankment erosion. The full profiled notch-lock system enables enhanced stability of the blocks when installed.  


Advantages of our Revetment system:


  1. Impermeable

  2. Resists impact damage

  3. Construction is not complicated and does not require speciality equipment

  4. Design is adaptable

  5. Waterproof to prevent algae growth

  6. The product is always available. George Newyear Construction can produce over 100m2/day

  7. Increased stability due to the lock-notch system. 

  8. Failures are easily identified and can be fixed. 

  9. Can be used in a wide variety of conditions

  10. Effective in preventing erosion/scour.

  11. Can be produced in different colours

  12. Permanent life-cycle cost provides significant savings for clients.

  13. Not labour-intensive as compared with the use of natural stones. Workers can install about 60m2/day 

  14. Fast installation. Placement of blocks is much easier as blocks are of the same height as compared to stone pitching

  15. Inbuilt drainage system



Newyear Revetment system can be laid quickly and easily without the need for skilled labour. The versatility of Newyear revetment system makes it ideal for:

  1. Riverbanks

  2. Paving and landscaping

  3. Bridge slope paving 

  4. Slipways

  5. Drainage channels

  6. Culvert structure aprons

  7. Docks

  8. Flood defence

  9. Reservoir channels

  10. Outfalls

  11. Environmental stabilization

  12. Reclamation schemes

  13. Scour protection                                                                

Revetment drain unit

Where a flexible form of construction is required the actual design will depend upon the application, the nature of the formation, and environmental considerations. The area to be protected should be graded to the correct line and level and be free from obstruction. And adequate toe support will be necessary, and advice on the selection of suitable details should be sought on a site-specific basis. The blocks are hand-laid directly onto a well-prepared surface with or without a geotextile filter membrane as required.




The design and specification of the underlayer are of fundamental importance to the stability of the structure as a whole. The need for geotextile and natural filter layers will be determined on a site-specific basis. 

In situations where the passage of groundwater is likely to cause leaching of fine particles of the bank material, the use of a suitable geotextile filter directly beneath the revetment is recommended. 


 Newyear concrete revetment block shall have a thickness of 102mm, unit weight not less than 5kg given a min weight of 225kg/m2. The block unit shall be manufactured from concrete with a mix design strength conforming with grade C25 in table 9 of BS 8500-1:2002. George Newyear Construction can produce varied concrete grades as required by the client. 




The block shall be mechanically interlocked and bonded together with base mortar. The raised notch at the base of the block lock into the bonding material(mortar) causing a positive interlock throughout the system. This prevents vertical displacement of individual units thus maintaining total stability of the slope. The blocks shall be built to incorporate drainage at centres as specified in drawings. The cellular design of the blocks and drainage units allow for free drainage through the revetment. One of the main advantages is its visual appeal. The grey textured finish avoids the start appearance of wet-cast concrete and can be supplied in a range of colours.

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  Standard type-B smooth face




Commercial Retaining

Product Type

Asese block

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